Passion for Period Fashion

by VJaneAusten on July 29, 2015

I’m interviewing Kelly from Tea in a Tea Cup over on my blog Be A Fun Mum today about how she juggles family life and her passion for period history.  Read all about it here: Beautiful Period Fashion.

Period bonnet - instructions on how to make a bonnet

Period-Dresses - tutorials on how they are made



Mr Darcy: A Children’s Picture Book

by VJaneAusten on March 13, 2012

Mr Darcy is a children’s picture book written by Alex Field, and based on the much loved character from Jane Austen’s masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice.

MR DARCY_COVER by Alex Field

The story follows a gentle, sometimes lonely and rather reserved duck on his discovery of friendship, in particular the importance of allowing friends to help in a sticky situation.

The illustrations by Peter Carnavas, are delightful. Here’s a sneak peek.

Dr Darcy by Alex Field

Dr Darcy by Alex Field

Dr Darcy by Alex Field

In terms of how this children’s story is related to the book Pride and Prejudice, the focus is on the much-loved character Mr Darcy.  Alex Field captures the essence of a proper English Gentlemen, a quality synonyms with Mr Darcy, and Peter Carnavas adds to this heart of the character through the illustrations, including a tall top hat.

Many of the main characters from Pride and Prejudice feature in the story — there’s Lizzy and her sisters, Bingley, Caroline and Maria — however, they feature as an accompaniment to the main character and are less aligned with the novel.

The story is written in read-aloud language and channels the language of the Jane Austen period through lines like, “Are you in good heath?” This makes it fun to read for any Jane Austen fan like myself.   Plus, all of my four children (aged from 4 to 10 years) loved story so it’s a win-win situation: enjoyable for parents to read, fun for kids to listen to.

Last Word

Mr Darcy captures much of the essence of the well loved character by the same name. This book isn’t a children’s version of Pride and Prejudice but rather: a clever interpretation of the character Mr Darcy, woven with words and illustrations into a delightful story for young children.  One can never have too much Mr Darcy, now can they?

Mr Darcy

Author: Alex Field

Illustrator: Peter Carnavas

Publisher: New Frontier Books


Company vs Unions

December 15, 2011

Australia’s biggest airline Qantas, shut down all operations recently. Doors were locked, staff were shut out without pay and passengers were left stranded.  This drastic action was due to the long battle between the airline and unions. The matter is quite complex, but from what I understand, unions are working to ensure the protection of Australian jobs, and on […]

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Jane Eyre 2011: Movie Review

October 5, 2011

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë is one of my favourite books, so it’s a little — what word can I use? — a little concerning to watch a movie with the same name because I wonder how the book will be interpered on film. I loved the 2006 BBC Jane Eyre Mini-Series starring Toby Stephens and Ruth […]

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That’s Fantastic!

August 6, 2011
The Word Fantastic

It’s interesting how the weight of words change slightly over time.  When I picked my first Georgette Heyer novel, I was taken with the language.  The language wasn’t obscure, so that I couldn’t understand it, but I noticed the thrust of some words were a little different than I was used to. One of these words […]

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Period Drama Heroines: Part 1

July 3, 2011

I’m inspired by many of the characters in period dramas (hence the “part 1”).  They all aren’t your typical heroines — brave, smart and confident — but they all have something interesting to draw on. I’ve tried to sum them up in five words (which was really hard!). Left to Right: Emma Woodhouse Movie: Emma (2009) Age: 20 Character […]

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Oranges, Bananas and Little Women

June 22, 2011

This is the first banana I’ve had in the best of five months. That’s a long time to go without tasting the tangy flesh of a just ripe banana. Earlier this year, masses of banana crops were wiped out due to the Queensland Floods. As a result, the price has skyrocketed.   When I grocery shop, I usually walk past the bright yellow bananas, […]

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North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell: Margaret Hale Hair Tutorial

June 10, 2011

I’m rather fascinated by the book North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, and the  2004 BBC period drama adaptation.  It’s an interesting love story laced with politics of the upper and lower classes, and the manners of the North and South.  The story follows Margaret Hale’s journey from the ‘refined’ South of England to the ‘working’ North and how the move changes, […]

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Inspired by Colour: BBC Emma 2009

May 26, 2011

Colour inspires me, excessively. And I’ve been utterly captured by the opulent colours and textures in the BBC Mini Series of Jane Austen’s Emma (2009). There’s so much colour. Delicious, glorious, intoxicating colour. I’ll discuss different colour palates in this blog but I’m starting with my favourite: Hartfield in Highbury. Hartfield is a kingdom where Emma reigns […]

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Mourning Jewellery & Holding Loved Ones Close

May 16, 2011

Hair jewellery is a form of art identified with the Georgian, Regency and early Victorian eras.  Mourning jewellery was made of a lock of hair belonging to a deceased loved one and was worn as a memento. Hair was woven carefully to make watch chains, brooches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. There is something both morbid and beautiful about carrying around the hair […]

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